2020 Championships Information

The ANRC National Equitation Championships
are an invitational team competition for
college, junior, adult amateur,
and ANRC alumni teams that join ANRC.
No need to qualify!
Everyone is welcome to join ANRC now through 2020.


ANRC Championships (Forms and Downloads)


ANRC National Equitation Championships Rule Book

To Join ANRC:

(Go to Join ANRC page for more information about teams)

ANRC Team Membership Form (complete if membership payment is made online)

ANRC Team Membership Form (complete and mail if membership is paid with by check)

To Enter Enter the Championships:

ANRC National Equitation Championships Entry Form  (Form must be downloaded, printed and mailed with your check)

College Student-Athlete Eligibility Form (for entered college riders)

Forms Entered Riders Must Complete:

ANRC Junior Rider Waiver/Biographical Form

ANRC Collegiate Rider Waiver/Biographical Form

ANRC Adult/ANRC Alumni Rider Waiver/Biographical Form

Flat Phase Competition Tests:

ANRC Collegiate/Alumni National Flat Phase

ANRC Collegiate/Alumni Novice Flat Phase

ANRC Junior/Adult National Flat Phase

ANRC Junior/Adult Novice Flat Phase


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