Noelle Floyd Webinar

Become a more RESILIENT rider (and human being).

Riding isn’t always easy – it isn’t even always fun. A big key to success and happiness in the saddle is RESILIENCE.

We’re proud to team up with
Equestrian Masterclass
and clinical psychologist (and rider)
Darby Bonomi, PhD
for a FREE, 4-week webinar series to help riders develop more resilience.

This course will help you…

Find your WHY
Learn how to bounce back from minor and major setbacks.
Use mistakes to fuel real improvement.

The webinar series will include:

∙ Weekly live webinars (with recordings)
∙ Weekly at-home assignments to guide your progress.
∙ A community of individuals with the same goal to lean on.
∙ A private Facebook group with other participants for sharing reflections, progress, etc.
∙ The chance to ask Dr. Darby questions directly.