2004 Collegiate Invitational Results

The third ANRC Invitational Competition was held at Sweet Briar College on Saturday, September 18, 2004.  Six colleges brought teams of three riders to vie for the Championship that was ultimately won by St. Andrews College followed closely by Virginia Intermont as the Reserve Champions.  For this competition the host college provides all 18 horses.  Each coach drew a number designating the order in which their team would compete and also designating the team of three horses that they would be using for the event.  Each rider had a ten-minute warm-up period to familiarize themselves with their mount before entering the arena.  The competition had three separate divisions and the riders’ scores were totaled to give final results for each team.

Each team brought a rider to compete in each of the three divisions.  The rider competed in an seven minute individually performed hunter seat equitation program ride and then showed over a hunter seat equitation course.  Riders in Level  One and Level Two jumped at 2’6”, while the Level Three competitors jumped a course at 2’9”.  Sweet Briar, Georgia Southern, Christopher Newport and Goucher College all fielded strong teams.

This was an educational event as well as a competition.  Paul Cronin served as the judge and prior to the competition he provided the competitors and coaches after three Sweet Briar riders demonstrated each of the program rides.  For the colleges new to ANRC competition, it is a learning experience as well as a competition.

Level One

1st: Janelle Harcus St. Andrews 75.90

2nd: Jessica Leonardi  Sweet Briar College 69.40

3rd: Morgan Graber Virginia Intermont 68.10

Level Two Division

1st: Maisy Grassie Goucher College  80.40

2nd: Stephannie Gibson St. Andrews  79.60

3rd: Siobhan Fitzgerald Virginia Intermont  78.10

Level Three Division

1st: Erika Jewell  VirginiaIntermont 76.40

2nd: Christina Kalinski  St. Andrews 74.70

3rd: Emily Sandler Goucher College 69.00

Team Results

Champion: St. Andrews, Coach-Peggy McElveen 230.20

Reserve Champion: Virginia Intermont, Coach-Sue Glover 222.60

3rd: Emily Sandler Goucher, Coach-Patte Zumbrun 215.90