The goal of the ANRC is to promote the American System of Forward Riding and as an organization, we work to strengthen the quality and accessibility of education within the hunter/jumper discipline. The ANRC offers educational content appropriate for riders and their horses at various stages of learning.

The FORWARD RIDING PROFICIENCY PROGRAM offers riders a pathway to cash grant opportunities to assist them in their pursuit
of a higher level of horsemanship.

As part of the program, riders and teachers will have full access to the DVD series: “The American System of Forward Riding—Life Lessons Learned with Horses.” The DVD series includes workbooks that guide the rider through a progressive training system in three levels. The DVDs provide clear, narrated demonstrations of the performance the rider seeks to achieve and covers essential riding knowledge, skills, and techniques that are the foundation for best riding and training practices—practices used by top hunter seat trainers and professionals.

The companion reference for Forward Riding theory is Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse: A Modern American Hunter/Jumper System by Paul D. Cronin.

Riders may utilize the training system for “home schooling” and instructors may utilize the training system as a teaching framework by using portions of the DVDs as instructional demonstration to complement their lessons. To order the book click on the image at left.

ANRC provides riders with an opportunity to earn an ANRC Forward Riding Proficiency Certificate. A certificate provides eligibility for a grant award as described below. The coursework is completed at your facility on your own horse, a leased horse, or school horse. You may work independently or under the guidance of an instructor. Assessment is conducted virtually by submitting videotape(s) to an ANRC judging panel and taking a written test.

Why should I have an ANRC Forward Riding Proficiency Certificate?

Validate your skills

Riders that are middle school age through adult that ride at the novice, intermediate, or advanced levels are eligible to enroll in the Forward Riding Proficiency Certificate program. Having an ANRC Forward Riding Proficiency Certificate is a validation of your dedication as a rider and your degree of equestrian proficiency. The knowledge you hold will prepare you for employment in the equestrian industry, whether you choose to be a professional rider, trainer, or teacher.

Qualify for Continuing Education Grant Opportunities

Riders who earn an ANRC Forward Riding Proficiency Certificate are eligible to apply for a Captain Vladimir S. Littauer Continuing Education Grant of up to $1,200. A recipient can apply these funds for educational equestrian programs or college riding expenses.

ANRC Forward Riding Proficiency Candidate Information